winter season

Which is the best time to install winter tires?

Winter tires will be very useful during the winter season. The winter tires are otherwise said to be as snow tires. The tires that you choose should be related to the brand of the car you have. The tires have to be changed when the temperature falls below 45 degrees. During this time the tires of the vehicle will start to get hard the rubber substance that is added to the tire will start to lose its elasticity. This will be the best time to snow tire installation which will help you to travel with full safety. What month should you put winter tires on? The best time to put the winter tires on is when the temperature drops below 7°C or it should be put before the first snowfall. To avoid the rush in the service department people will start to install the winter tires during the start of October itself. The second option is you can install the tires during the mid of November.
  • When the climate changes to be high winter the tires will get less pliable which appears to be as thicker than the normally using rubber tires?
  • If you have the same rubber tire during the snowfall also you will feel like missing the control of the vehicle when you drive. It will give you an experience like skating with the boots. They will show you rough handling.
  • In the latest technology, the tire manufacturers prepare the tire in the way that it can hold during the snow season also. The rubber substance they add to the tire will be different in which it will have the ability to catch the road firmly without causing any sort of imbalance.
install winter tires
  • You can have a short stopping distance with good condition during the snowfall season also. The set of seasonal tires should long last at least for about 80,000-120,000 kilometers. The life of the tire will depend on the driving you do. The handling of the car should be perfect and rash driving will make you face serious impacts.
You can find a lot of winter tires in the market, the price range of one will differ from the other that is due to the additional features that are incorporated into the tire. it is your responsibility to find the best one which will suit the brand of your car and will make you feel comfortable during the travel.